Take a moment and think of the great people you admire most;
artists, revolutionaries, inventors,
mothers, teachers, leaders, healers.
Find a book about the life and accomplishments of one of them.
In the days that follow, as you read the book,
invite the characteristics of that person’s greatness
to penetrate your mind and your womb.
Envision your child all grown up,
walking through life, embodying these qualities you admire.


On a warm calm day at the beach, slip into the ocean where life began.
Swim out with strokes that are sensuous and thoughtful.
As you draw away from the shore,
see yourself entering the womb of the earth.
Float there is sweet surrender.
Hear the rhythmic surges of the ocean; they are comforting heartbeats.
Feel your whole self embraced, caressed and cared for by the salty waters.
From the very beginning this nurturing is how it has always been,
all the way down along time… to you.
And there within you a remarkable performance is now taking place:
your wombmate is re-enacting the entire history of life.


Inhale until you can take in no more.
Pause thoughtfully, airfully… fathom the taste of the breath of life.
Now, consciously, let it all out.
This breathing give-and-take has always been.
It is an exchange of gifts:
you receive from the universe
and in return give of yourself and your baby.
Now, with all that in mind,
say thank you and breathe again.


In the quiet privacy of a dim room summon some moments of soul silence.
In that privileged state of mind, when wonder begins to spin,
light a candle.
Gaze into the flame as though you had never seen one before.
It is a dancing voyage of mystery from here to infinity.
Come along and explore immensity.
Partake of fire’s incorruptible energy,
it will fortify and ennoble both you and your child.
Revere it also as a source of insight.


Lie down,
close your eyes,
Smile while breathing peacefully, deeply.
Speak in friendship to the cells of your body,
in their zillions they are you.
Thank them for composing your organs.
Encourage the harmony of their collaboration.
Ask them to excel in their functions.
They will hear you
and respond by working even more in concert,
Enhancing the quality of your health and pregnancy.


On a day when there are clouds,
gaze upward and take delight in the sight.
Play with the shapes of the clouds, their light, their movement.
Create stories with them.
Clouds are theater of the wind, gatherings of dramas:
cavalcades, battles, fiestas, kisses, caresses, sighs.
They are the air at play.
Celebrate them as friends,
They will respond with the dew of love for your baby and you.


Find a patch of earth, stroke her with both hands, and sink your fingers in.
Smell the smells she releases to you.
They are fragrances of our mother, essences of re-creating.
Give greetings, and thank her;
she composes the elements of your body and of your baby’s body.
Down through your fingers pour your energies into her.
Ask that she receive them deep within, mother them, transform them.
Then ask that she return them cleansed and regenerated.
What an earthy way to exalt the health of your pregnancy.


Picture yourself in your favorite place on earth.
You are walking there with your baby,
free of heaviness,
free of worry.
Your thoughts wander among your most creative moments.
Among some of the times, for instance,
When you expressed love so beautifully that fear dissolved.
Feel yourself uplifted by delicious satisfaction, joy and certainty.
Flights like this profoundly affect your child’s entire life.


Bathe your feet in luscious warm water.
Thank them.
Caress and talk to them.
Feel your whole being opening and expanding.
Feel your nervous system responding,
your mind clearing,
your energy level rising.
Bestow this delightful feast upon your wombmate.


Hold one of your favorite fruits in your hands,
admire its life, and breathe its fragrance.
Take your first bite,
Eat slowly, with pleasure.
Inhale consciously, and gratefully savor the flavor.
Subtle energy is already flowing from the fruit into you and your baby.
It is feeding the two of you with vitality, health and sensitivity.


Hold one of your favorite fruits in your hands and admire its beauty.
A fruit is a love letter to you from the universe.
It speaks the story of creation.
Marvel at this while you are eating.
As you marvel,
your baby and you will receive even more from the fruit.
More joy, more harmony and love
for both of you to spread around.


Hold one of your favorite fruits in your hands.
Admire its shape, its texture, its color and smell.
Think of where it comes from,
Of the energies that fed it, the people who cared for it.
As you eat, think of the wealth of goodness
it is bringing to your baby and you.
Think thankfully,
and the fruit will feed your minds
with a clearer and deeper understanding of life.


Take a fruit in your hands, an apple say.
See it and smell it teeming with life.
Touch it to your lips.
You are kissing whole seasons of nurturance.
This apple carries life-gifts from its tree, sunlife and rainlife,
gifts from the earth, the air and the stars.
Last year’s leaves fell and gave themselves to it.
Join this procession of giving:
eat the apple as a gift for your baby who is your fruitful gift to the world.


Say hello to your baby in your heart, and whisper:
“Dear love, come, let’s think together.”
Then ponder the entire earth
with its oceans and mountains, its trees and all life.
Embrace your musings with love,
and expand them with wonderful concepts of beauty.
Create sentences to carry some of these ideas using works like
gift, encompass, kiss, sublime, possible, receive.
Actually speak the sentences aloud.
What a beautiful way to be with your baby,
givers of love.


Caress your pregnant belly.
After a while let your hands come to rest there.
Feel a smile playing on your face.
And now, with love flowing from your hands,
bless your baby.
Call upon the forces of life, the creating energies of living,
to participate with you
in forming a wonderful human being.


Breathe deeply and peacefully
until harmony hums throughout you and your baby.
As the soothing increases recall an incident of conflict in your life.
Project your harmony onto this memory
and watch the dissolving of any lingering anger,
resentment, indignation or sadness.
Then speak resolving words of compassion, understanding, and hope.
This is a very special way to work with harmony,
a wonderful learning experience for the baby.


On a frosty day, kneel by the hearth and kindle a fire.
While it crackles and grows and dances like joy,
settle back lusciously and gaze into the meaning of the blaze.
Old dead wood is coming alive, warming you, delighting you,
reminding you of the possibility of transformations.
Turn your eyes inward and look for elements you wish to change there.
Find chills to be ignited, shadows to be turned to light,
anguish burned to peace.
Kindle these old elements into brightness
within the rich privacy of your heart,
and thrill with the birth of this new energy.
In the glow of deep joy smile confidently with your baby.


Play a piece of music that inspires you most,
music that simply carries you away.
And let it do precisely that.
As you listen, select one aspect of yourself that you’d like to cultivate.
And in your imagination
ride on the music to a land where that quality thrives and blossoms in you.
Say you choose health: see yourself brimming with it.
See yourself so radiant that wherever you walk
crowds dance with new health because of you.
What a thrill for the baby!


Curl up on the sofa, and close your eyes.
Call to the baby
to join you and share in a moment of purposeful tranquility,
a moment open to hope.
Hope lavishes vitality and health in your bloodstream
by stirring up waves of fresh energy in your digestive system.
Breathe in, let go and let it happen.
Feel hope beckoning and race to embrace it.
Envision this mighty friend being forever with you both,
making you strong.


Love is a force.
Use it.
Call it to you, invite it to enter,
to warm your baby and you,
to seep throughout you both as a rich heat.
When you are utterly force-full let it shine out through your eyes,
through you smile, through your skin.
Offer the shining to all the world’s new babies and their mothers.
See how the shining out
makes more shining in.


One of these evenings decide to be up for the coming of dawn.
Plan a celebration for the moment
when your eyes and the sun’s first rays will come together.
The sun will be sending wonderful radiant energy
through all of space
right in to you.
And you will be welcoming it with all your heart,
letting it inspire you and renew you.
At that moment invite the light to join you in composing your baby.


On the spur of a beautiful moment invite two or three dear friends to dine.
Design a delicious menu, food you’d like to eat and love to make.
Measure, season and cook with a full, reveling heart.
Enrich the recipes with extra special ingredients:
your love of life, of friendship and the joy of your pregnancy.
Sift and stir, slice and dice, mix and mingle,
loving every aroma, color and texture.
Express that love out loud:
“There is so much beauty in you, dear food! Carry it into the people we feed.
Nourish them with the offering of our essence.”


Go out to a park, a forest, a garden.
Visit some beautiful green place
where you and your baby can be alone for a while.
Embrace the eloquent quiet of nature there,
and surrender completely
to those voluptuous messages of fragrance, form, color, whisperings.
They are an intricate dance of the elements.
Invite all this beauty in.
Become the home of this earth poem.
You and your baby are learning about peace.


Close your eyes and travel slowly through deep thought,
off to a land of pure, expressive, surprising, regenerating light.
To a land as promising as the start of sunrise.
Enter there, bringing your baby along,
and float freely in this ocean of vibrant life.
Breathe the light, taste it.
Let it become one with you both.
Then, when you are brimming,
come back home and radiate.


For your baby you are the most important person on earth.
From the start of your pregnancy
your baby adores you and is thrilled when you are most you.
And who are you?
What do you like to think about?
Pick up a book on a subject that fascinates you.
Cuddle up and share the reading with your baby
who loves being addressed by you,
loves knowing you.


Hang a faceted crystal in a sunny window and invite rays in to play.
There on the far wall they display sprays of rainbows.
Catch one with your eye and see the dazzling music of life.
The light blue sings health to your lungs,
indigo builds strength in your bones.
Lively orange pours wealth into your blood,
yellow nurtures nerves and mind.
The green composes harmonies for your digestive organs,
red conveys power to your muscles,
and purple gladdens glands.
Stand in the glow of each color until its particular spirit has moved you.
Then close your eyes so you and the baby can rhapsodize.


Walk in the wilds for a while and find a clear stream.
Follow to its very source.
There, by the birthing spring, hear the water’s murmuring,
fresh, lively, inquisitive.
Lean down to hand the water a caress, and feel what it has to say.
Listen to this secret language, listen openly.
Your baby will hear, understand,
and remember the water’s voice always.


Go for a walk with a song in your heart.
This song is a friend,
its rhythm conducts your walking and defines your smile.
As you stroll, harbor your song within, and let its sweetness increase you.
Then, when you get to a place that feels right,
and the song won’t wait one more moment, sing out!
The sounds of music you are making, the beauty and meaning of your song,
are all having an immediate impact upon the chemistry of your body.
Your blood is streaming extra nourishment, health and life to your organs.
Your mind is working with more clarity and freedom.
Joy is galloping throughout you and your baby.
You are a singing hug.


In a moment of thirst pour water into a glass
and sip slowly, deliciously, reverently.
Water is the mother of life, the first food of all.
Feel it entering you, trans-forming,
becoming you and your baby.
Travel back on the water to the first beginnings of life.
Marvel at this feeding,
at the life which you and the water and the baby are weaving.


Sink into your favorite chair, put your feet up,
be entirely aware of delicious comfort, yours and your baby’s.
Rest there in the harmony, and fondle it.
Within this reverie, think about music.
Think of being musicians, you and the baby,
makers of music in a symphony orchestra composed of the entire universe.
The melodies you play are cosmic songs that sing of both your lives.
Songs that are measures in the music of the spheres.
Hear the joy, the strength and magnificence.


Invite your baby to listen to water sounds
As they flow from a garden hose, a faucet or a pitcher.
Take pleasure in the listening,
You are hearing the music of life renewing.
the flowing is softly and triumphantly
carrying away sorrow, sadness, discouragement.
Thank the running water for this astonishing dissolving


On a day of playful breezes,
in a place of privacy,
take off all your clothes and give yourself to air.
Feel it dance with you, caressing your face, teasing your mind.
Now it’s inside of you, whirling and swirling,
shooing bothers, dusting doubts, blowing worries away.
Breathe this brilliant working breeze, laugh with it, and thank it.
Your skin is singing with the air.
Your baby is delighting.


Lift your eyes to the skies on a starry night.
Fall upwards into that infinity.
Listen for the silent presence of those millions of lights
and taste the peace of their timelessness.
Now move toward a star of your choosing
and make it your particular companion.
Share yourself and the baby with you star.
Ask it questions on matters that matter to you.
Answers will be given to you both.


Select a gorgeous piece of music from your collection and play it.
Think of it as a song of you… of how unique you are.
Listen to the atmosphere of the melody.
It is pronouncing your qualities, the beauty of your being.
Your baby, there in your womb,
is receiving your visions through the music
and is experiencing a distinct surge of happiness.
This is an enchanting way to enrich you both.


Within an intimacy, take the hands of your baby’s father
and hold them to your pregnant belly.
With the three of you gathered together,
have a conversation about this family.
Talk about who you are.
About your home, your life, ideas, hopes, dreams.
“Your mom and I were picturing your first taste of chocolate ice cream.”
“Your dad wants to take you sailing.”
“Welcome to this tough old world. You will make a difference.”
“What a joy you are! We’re honored to be yours.”
“Count on us.”
Then give all three of you a deep felt family kiss.


Walk among trees and choose one to be your friend.
Touch it with joy and reverence:
it is made of energies from the sun, the earth and the rains.
Lean back on the tree
with your right hand on your pregnant belly.
Place you left hand at the back, palm pressing the trunk.
Now ask the tree to share energies with your baby and you.
Feel the intensity of the currents flowing.
Afterwards give your tree a big hug of thanks from the two of you.