I know a planet
where nations live in peace,
and nature is respected,
where science and philosophy
are never used to enslave,
to limit, hurt or spread terror...
There, each person is conceived
and gestated consciously.
In that world reigns
a true spirit of kinship with all life,
and pregnant women are treated in a very special way:
the arts and crafts of each community
are made available to them.
They admire trees, statues and fountains,
as they walk through beautiful parks
filled with flowers.
By day, the birds' songs embrace them.
By night, the stars
entice them to visit distant worlds...
In these parks there are houses
where the mothers can take part in many activities:
they sing, weave, sculpt, embroider, draw...
There are also theaters, libraries and cinemas,
and they can study, teach, meditate, laugh and cry.
In the schools of this planet
adolescents study the importance
of conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding
for a happy humanity.
Couples approach knowingly
the moment of fecundation,
understanding the physiological,
psychological and spiritual dimensions of a pregnancy,
prepared to welcome the mystery of life with serenity.

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