Three dozen delicious ideas for wombies and their moms

Once upon a dawn…

… a woman smiled solemnly as she stood by her kitchen window, gazing out over rooftops and treetops while stars were fading away towards the coming day. Softly she placed her warm open hand on her pregnant belly.

There was a deep
silent hum within this woman.
It had begun aeons ago
and had gone on and on through time and endless events
handed down and down by uncountable developments
all the way to now
to the new life that was growing
in delicious warmth at the center of her body.
And so she smiled
tasting with her entire self the bread of deep companionship
with every womb, with every mother that ever was.

Day was beginning
the light said so
so did a bird
so did her baby.

Even before conception this baby was alive in her heart. She used to look ahead and knew that when she became pregnant she would give her child experiences of adoring intimacy, spinning images and adventures into whole libraries of memories.

And so she did: throughout the pregnancy she walked among trees, wrote poems by kissing apples, soared upwards to the stars, followed streams, and journeyed away on music to lands of light. She shared herself with her baby, revealed herself, her curiosity, ideas, sense of wonder, her joys.
Today the baby is all grown up, walking tall in life, sturdy, happy, free, kind and wise.

The woman, now a grandmother still likes to greet the dawn. And when she looks back over the time of her motherhood she wears that same solemn smile, recalling the delicious ideas she wove with her wombmate.

She asked that we pass her ideas along for you to sample and taste and build upon.

Laura Uplinger & Jack Bresnahan

© copyright, 1998, Laura Uplinger & Jack Bresnahan


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